Start your mornings
reading the good news.

Neospaper is a news app with a different twist that you'll love:
It sorts the world's most relevant news of the day by sentiment.

"Mr. Thoth" (our AI system), tirelessly crawls the web looking for the most relevant news everyday, filtering the good, the bad and the rest.
So you don't have to.

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Incredibly Easy to Use

Scroll the news. Change Mood. Read article. That's it.

Click on the main button to change mood from the :) news
to the :| news or the :( news.

Be in control of the news you read everyday.

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Control how you read your news

You can choose the publisher's original web source format view (left)
or our carefully designed Neospaper "Reader" view (right)
so you can easily read the news without distractions
and without hurting your pretty eyes.

More Features

Timely updates:
We only deliver news when it makes sense.
Not every minute.

Friendly Notifications:
Only get notified when there are good news.
Not every second.

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